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Syllogisms with intermediate quantifiers solved in Marlo logic diagrams Marcos Bautista López Aznar
The Indemonstrables of Chrysippus of Soli in Marlo logical diagrams. Could propositional calculus be nothing but syllogisms? Marcos Bautista López Aznar
‘Tokenized’ dynamic diagrams: An approach for improving mental model construction? Richard Lowe and Jean-Michel Boucheix
Depicting negative information in photographs, videos, and comics: a preliminary analysis Yuri Sato and Koji Mineshima
The Marlo diagram in the classroom Marcos Bautista López Aznar
Strength of Existential Graphs as a logical system Takashi Sasaki
The Sung Diagram: Revitalizing the Eisenhower Matrix Hannah Bratterud, Mac Burgess, Brittany Terese Fasy, David L. Millman, Troy Oster and Christine Sung
Marlo’s networks of expectations in the classroom: A tool for heterogeneous reasoning Marcos Bautista López Aznar
Experimenting with diagrams in mathematics Michał Sochański
Historio-graphy Amirouche Moktefi
A Semiotic-Conceptual Analysis of Euler Diagrams and Concept Lattices Uta Priss
On the shoulders of giants: Colourful argument trees for academic writing Maarja Kruusmaa, Amirouche Moktefi and Jeffrey Tuhtan
Beta Assertive Graphs Ahti Pietarinen, Francesco Bellucci and Daniele Chiffi
Peirce’s inclusion diagrams, with application to syllogisms Reetu Bhattacharjee and Amirouche Moktefi
The DNA Framework of Visualization Yuri Engelhardt and Clive Richards
Imagine a round square Amirouche Moktefi and Jelena Družinina
Visualizing Curricula Jacklynn Niemiec
Elucidating the Effects of Diagram Use Training for Math Word Problem Solving Hiroaki Ayabe, Emmanuel Manalo and Noriko Hanaki