Diagram Design, Principles, and Classification

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A sketch of a theory and modelling notation for elucidating the structure of representations Peter Cheng
Modality and Uncertainty in Data Visualizations: A Corpus Approach to the Use of Connecting Lines Verena Elisabeth Lechner
Channel-Theoretic Account of the Semantic Potentials of False Diagrams Atsushi Shimojima and Dave Barker-Plummer
Dissecting representations Daniel Raggi, Aaron Stockdill, Mateja Jamnik, Grecia Garcia Garcia, Holly Sutherland and Peter Cheng
Towards Data-Driven Multilinear Metro Maps Soeren Nickel and Martin Nöllenburg
Visualizing Sound, Hearing Diagrams: On the Creative Process of Syrmos by Iannis Xenakis José L. Besada
String Diagrams for Assembly Planning Jade Master, Evan Patterson, Shahin Yousfi and Arquimedes Canedo