We are pleased to announce the following exciting keynote speakers.

Dr Gem Stapleton is an Honorary Academic at the University of Kent, UK. A major focus of her research has been on developing diagrammatic logics that support accessible reasoning. As part of this effort, she has devised layout algorithms for diagrams that incorporate geometric and topological constraints, which are important for usability. AS well as having a strong mathematical element, her research also encompasses HCI to ensure the usability of her theoretical work. She has over 120 publications and received five Best Paper Awards at International Conferences. Furthermore, she has been PI and Co-I on major grants from the UK’s EPSRC and the Leverhulme Trust. Gem’s involvement with Diagrams has been long and deep: she was Program Chair in 2018 and 2006, and was Chair of the Diagrams Steering Committee until 2016.

Professor Shaaron Ainsworth is a Professor of Learning Sciences at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her research focuses on two areas: Learning with Visual and Multiple Representations; and Technology Enhanced Learning, with particular emphasis on visual technologies.