Accessing Diagrams

The conference will take place using two platforms: Zoom (for all talks) and Wonder (for networking). All registered delegates will be sent an email, via EasyChair, containing access links and passcodes; check your spam folder if you have not received this email by September 27, 2021.

You can access the Wonder space at any time, before or during the conference, once you have received the passcode. When you first access Wonder you will be asked for your name. Please use your full name (first name and family name).

You can access the Zoom meetings at any time during the period over which they run.

See the detailed program for links to Wonder and Zoom.

For URGENT queries only, during the conference, email

This email address is not for general enquiries and should only be used for urgent matters. One of the organising team will reply as soon as they are able.

How to Ask Questions at the End of Presentations

If you have a question for the presenter, you can either

– write the question in the chat, or

– write I have a question, and the chair will aim to give you time to ask your question.

You can also meet with presenters in the Wonder space during the allotted networking session. You will find them in the area called ‘Ask presenters!’

About the Wonder Space

Wonder is supported on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The Wonder space is divided into three areas: Ask Presenters!, Networking, and Arranged Meetings. After their talks, presenters are requested to be in the Ask Presenters! area – please go to visit them to discuss their contributions. If you just want to hang out, maybe head to the Networking area where you might bump into an old collaborator or new member of our community. If you want to have a private meeting, head to the Arranged meetings area. Wonder allows you to make your meeting private if you do not want to be disturbed.

In Wonder, discussions are limited to 15 people.

Note that to see all areas you may need to zoom out.