Presenters’ Guidelines

Detailed guidelines for presenters is given on this page. All presenters are reminded that Diagrams is a multi-disciplinary conference. Talks should therefore be accessible to a broad range of researchers with varied interests. With this in mind, presenters are encouraged to think carefully about how to convey their contribution in an accessible way.

All presenters should read the guidance found here in addition to that below.

Session chairs should read the guidance found here.

Technical Progam Speakers

Long talks in the main technical program are allocated 15 minutes, plus five minutes for questions. Short talks are allocated 10 minutes, plus five minutes for questions. Lightning talks are allocated five minutes, with no time for questions immediately after their talk. Speakers must keep to the time allocated for their talks, which will be strictly enforced by the session chairs.

All presenters will be required to attend a specified 30 minute networking event, as scheduled in the program. This will give all delegates and presenters, including those who give lightning talks, the opportunity to discuss research contributions in greater depth than is possible in the main presentation sessions, via Q&A.

Graduate Symposium Speakers

Talks at the Graduate Symposium are allocated 10 minutes, plus three minutes for questions. Speakers should arrive at their session ten minutes early to introduce themselves to the session chair.

Tutorial Presenters

Tutorials are allocated a single 1.5 hour session in the program. Chairs will not be provided for tutorial sessions. Therefore, presenters should introduce themselves and be sure to end their session at the appropriate time.

Online Experience

Please take into account that your presentation will be viewed on many different devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. Therefore, please ensure you use suitable fonts and that any diagrams or visual content is sufficiently large that all delegate should be able to access the material.

Reflecting the possibly increased time taken to change between presenters in the online platform, each session is slightly longer than needed to accommodate the talks. However, you must not exceed your talk time, which will be strictly enforced the chairs. It is highly recommended that you run through your presentation in advance of the conference to ensure that you do not exceed the time allocated. Unforseen technical issues may mean that sessions overrun, so timely completion of talks is important.