Diagrams 2021 will be a synchronous virtual event. This means that talks will be broadcast live over a suitable platform.

It is expressly prohibited for delegates to record any of the conference for any purpose.

All delegates will be required to confirm that they will not record any part of the conference. All presenters will be required to confirm that they accept that it is not within the power of the organisers to prevent delegates from recording talks.

Program Schedule

Diagrams 2021, as a virtual event, will adopt a novel approach to scheduling the program with the goal of enabling wide participation from across the globe, providing fair access to talks and networking opportunities.

The below information is tentative at this stage, but indicative of the novel approach that the organising team will adopt.

Each day will be partitioned into blocks of time, allowing each delegate to attend most of the conference. At this stage in the organisation, it is expected that there will be three blocks each day. These blocks will accommodate the Keynote talks, paper and abstract presentations, poster presentations, and coffee breaks. It is also expected that the Graduate Symposium and tutorials will be scheduled within these blocks or at complementary times.

For example, each block may be five hours long and there would be three hour gaps between blocks.

As a consequence of such a schedule, for most delegates two of the three blocks will fall between 08:00 and 22:00 in their time zone. Of course, this will also mean that some talks will be scheduled at antisocial hours for some delegates, but that is unavoidable whatever method of scheduling is adopted.

Authors of accepted papers, abstracts and posters will be asked to specify a least preferred time block and the organisers will aim to schedule their talk outside of that block, but this cannot be guaranteed as the program will be subject to many constraints.

Tutorial presenters will be approached by the organising team with respect to scheduling their tutorial.