We are happy to anounce that Diagrams 2022 will have several keynote speakers.

Keynote Speaker Gem Stapleton

About Gem Stapleton: Gem’s interests are firmly situated in the study of diagrams, encompassing their mathematical properties and cognitive effectiveness. Her multi-disciplinary research aims to expose how we can effectively design and apply diagrammatic representations in order to communicate, and reason about, information. She is perhaps best known for her ground-breaking contributions towards the development of diagrammatic logics alongside methods to automatically draw diagrams as visualizations of information. Gem’s current research is creating novel mechanisms to facilitate representation change in order to enhance human understanding. As leading figure in the Diagrams community, Gem has been highly influential in the direction of diagrams-related research as well as the Diagrams conference series. Having previously been Director of the Visual Modelling Group at the University of Brighton, she is now a Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

Keynote Speaker Sun-Joo Shin

Title: Visual Representation and Abductive Reasoning
G. Polya recommends we find a way to represent non-geometrical problems geometrically in his How to Solve it.  On the other hand, we do not find any recommendation of non-geometric representation for geometrical problems.  This well-accepted asymmetrical approach suggests that we explore advantages of visual representation in the process of solving a problem.  Highlighting a hierarchical structure of our reasoning, I identify certain features of visual representation which guide us at a meta-reasoning level.  For example, various ways of grouping, re-grouping and de-grouping, I show, facilitate our abductive reasoning.  Moreover, through case studies, I claim we prefer representational systems that allow the flexibility of recognizing various patterns.

About Sun-Joo Shin: Sun-Joo Shin is a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Yale University. She is the author of The Logical Status of Diagrams and Peirce’s Iconic Logic. Her main interests are: the logic of diagrams, visualization in mathematics, visual reasoning, Peirce’s logic, and more.