Reception & Poster Session

poster 47: Martin Brösamle and Christoph Hölscher. Thinking with words and sketches -- Analyzing multi-modal design transcripts along verbal and diagrammatic data

poster 69: Connor Smith, Kathy Van Benthem, Jennifer Nuttall, Jeanne-Marie Musca, Korey MacDougall, Xander Miller, Jobina Li, Janine Fitzpatrick, Nic Di Noia, Allan Cybulskie and Jim Davies. Modelling English Spatial Preposition Detectors

Poster 81: Richard Lowe and Jean-Michel Boucheix. Manipulatable models for investigating processing of dynamic diagrams

poster 17: Brandie Stewart and Lisa Best. A Re-examination of Cleveland and McGill’s Hierarchy of Graphical Elements

poster 76: Jolie Bell and Jim Davies. Pixel Graphs are Better at Representing Large Quantities of Information than Pie Graphs

poster 21: Neil Smith, Pete Thomas and Kevin Waugh. Diagram Interpretation and e-Learning Systems

poster 52: Victor Lee. What students include in hand-drawn diagrams to explain seasonal temperature variation

poster 62: Andrew Stull, Mary Hegarty, Mike Stieff and Bonnie Dixon. Does Manipulating Molecular Models Promote Representation Translation of Diagrams in Chemistry?

poster 73: Ashok Basawapatna and Alexander Repenning. Visualizing Student Game Design Project Similarities

poster 74: Grecia Garcia Garcia and Richard Cox. ``Graph-as-picture'' misconceptions in young students

Poster 79: Jessica Weller and Mary Nakhleh. "The Molecules are Inside the Atoms": Students' Personal External Representations of Matter

Poster 83: Kirsten Butcher. How Diagram Interaction Supports Learning: Evidence from Think Alouds during Intelligent Tutoring

poster 39: Noora Fetais and Peter Cheng. An Experiment to Evaluate Constraint Diagrams with Novice Users.

poster 66: Ozge Alacam, Annette Hohenberger and Kursat Cagiltay. Effects of Graph Type in the Comprehension of Cyclic Events

poster 56: Atsushi Shimojima, Yasuhiro Katagiri and Kozue Enseki. Attending to and maintaining hierarchical objects in graphics comprehension

Poster 85: Peter Coppin. An Attention Based Theory to Explore the Cognitive Affordances of Diagrams Relative to Text

poster 26: Lixiu Yu, Jeffrey V. Nickerson and Barbara Tversky. Discovering Perceptions of Personal Social Networks through Diagrams

poster 27: Anne Schüler, Katharina Scheiter and Peter Gerjets. Can Text Content Influence the Effectiveness of Diagrams?

poster 67: Krista E. DeLeeuw, Richard E. Mayer and Barry Giesbrecht. How Does Text Affect the Processing of Diagrams in Multimedia Learning?

poster 38: Sven Linker. Diagrammatic Specification of Mobile Real-Time Systems

poster 45: Nuno Amalio and Pierre Kelsen. VCL, a Visual Language for Modelling Software Systems Formally

Poster 82: Peter Chapman and Gem Stapleton. Creating a Second Order Diagrammatic Logic

Poster 87: Matej Urbas and Mateja Jamnik. Heterogeneous Reasoning in Real Arithmetic