Presenters' Guidelines

General points

The official language of Diagrams 2008 is English.

When preparing your presentation, please bear in mind that Diagrams audiences are multidisciplinary in nature - try to make your presentation as widely accessible as possible.

Paper presentations

The Diagrams conference presentations will take place in one of two rooms. Most presentations will take place in Großer Saal. On Sept 19, this room will be set up to hold around 180 people and, for the remainder of Diagrams, around 100 people. Seminarraum 3 holds around 100 people and will be used for one session only.

Presenters should check that their laptops properly connect to the beamer prior to their session.

There will not be a computer in the presentation rooms as standard. Please make it known at the registration desk if you require a laptop to be provided. The organisers will have available a laptop running Windows XP with PowerPoint 2003 installed. If you wish to use this laptop then you should arrange to upload your talk in advance of the session and check your slides appear correctly.

Each paper session will be chaired. Speakers should introduce themselves to their session chairs in good time before their session. Full paper presentations are allocated 25 minutes - presenters should aim to speak for 20 minutes and take questions for 5 minutes. Short paper presentations are allocated 15 minutes - presenters should aim to speak for 10 minutes and take questions for 5 minutes.

Poster presentations

The poster session will run in the main lobby of the conference venue. Posters should fit on a board that measures 1m width and 1.3m height. Push pins (thumbtacks/drawing pins) for mounting posters on the boards will be supplied.

The poster session takes place during the evening reception on Sept 19. Presenters are asked to mount their poster during the morning of Sept 19, allowing delegates to peruse the posters during the session breaks, and take them down after the reception on Sept 19. Presenters should plan to attend their posters and respond to questions, give explanations etc. during the designated poster session. We ask that you attend your poster during the 30 min slot assigned to your poster; please see the advance program for your slot. In addition, you are welcome to attend your poster for a longer period during the reception if you so choose.

Please bring any handouts to support the poster and have these available at your poster board.