Information on submitting to Diagrams 2008

Submission deadlines
Diagrams 2008 accepts submissions of: There are also typesetting guidelines below which enforce the Springer LNCS style for the publication of proceedings.

Long and Short Papers

All authors intending to submit a long paper or short paper are requested to submit an abstract on or before March 20, 2008, using the submission software. This abstract will be used to assign reviewers to your paper.

Submissions from authors who did not submit an abstract by March 20, 2008 will still be accepted up to the final deadline (April 1, 2008), but we ask that you submit an abstract as soon as possible to help us make preliminary reviewing assignments.

Long papers should not exceed 15 pages in the LNCS format whereas short papers should not exceed 7 pages in LNCS format.

The full version of your paper should be uploaded as a single PDF on or before April 1, 2008.

To submit your paper you will require an EasyChair account. If you do not have an EasyChair account, instructions are provided as to how to create one on the EasyChair page for Diagrams 2008.

Submission for papers is now closed. However, submission for posters is open until April 11, 2008. If you wish to submit a poster then please see the instructions below..


The full version of your poster should be emailed as a single PDF on or before April 11, 2008, to

You will receive an email acknowledgement within three working days of submitting or by April 12, 2008, whichever is earlier.

Posters should not exceed 3 pages in the LNCS format.

For posters, advanced abstract submission is not required.


Previously, Diagrams tutorials have been of one hour duration. For 2008, we solicit proposals for tutorials of either two hours or four hours duration.

A one page summary of your tutorial should be submitted to on or before April 1, 2008. You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission within three working days or by April 2, 2008, whichever is earlier. This one page summary should be in LNCS format, suitable for inclusion in the proceedings. Thus, this summary should include the title of the tutorial as well as the presenters' names and affiliations.

At the point of submission, you should include an additional pdf document containing further information:

  1. Title of the tutorial.
  2. Names and affiliations of the instructors.
  3. Duration: state whether the tutorial will be of two hours or four hours duration.
  4. Benefits: The benefit statement should contain a summary of what skills and knowledge the attendees will gain as a result of attending this tutorial.
  5. Features: Include the educational goals or major elements of the tutorial content, such as a description of the material to be covered and how the tutorial will be conducted (e.g., a schedule). In cases of multiple instructors, indicate the roles of each instructor.
  6. Audience: The audience should be described in terms that include any background required to understand the tutorial. State the disciplines of attendees who would be interested in your tutorial. Note that Diagrams is an interdisciplinary conference, so material should be accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds. Please also state whether the tutorial is suitable for delegates of the co-located conferences, VLHCC and SoftVis, explaining why in each case.
  7. Presentation: List the various presentation forms used in the tutorial, e.g., lecture, demo, exercise, video, group discussion, and/or case studies.
  8. Instructor background: Summarize the background for each instructor, including current employment and activities, previous professional activities, and relevant publications.
  9. Tutorial history: If the tutorial has been previously delivered, state where and by whom.
  10. Requirements List: If you need anything other than a computer with a projector, please state your further requirements for equipment or any other support, noting whether these further requirements are essential or desirable.

This further information will be used to judge the suitability of your tutorial for the Diagrams audience, the appropriateness of the presenters for delivering the tutorial and whether the presenters' requirements can be met.

Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation and Submission

The proceedings will be published by Springer in their LNCS series. Please use the Springer LNCS format when preparing your article: details can be found here.

For review purposes, please submit your article in pdf format. Your article should be named first-initial-and-last-name-of-first-author.pdf. For authors with multiple submissions, please use the naming convention first-initial-and-last-name-of-first-author-a.pdf, first-initial-and-last-name-of-first-author-b.pdf and so forth.

Authors of accepted articles will be required to submit all source files at the camera ready stage.