Diagrams 2012 Program

Monday 2 July 2012: Workshops
Tuesday 3 July 2012: Diagrams day 1
Wednesday 4 July 2012: Diagrams day 2
Thursday 5 July 2012: Diagrams day 3
Friday 6 July 2012 : Workshop


MONDAY 2 JULY 2012: Euler Diagrams and Technology Enhanced Diagrams Research Workshops

9:00-9:15 Registration

09:15-17:30 Euler Diagrams Workshop Program

09:15-17:30 Technology Enhanced Diagrams Research Program


TUESDAY 3 JULY 2012 Diagrams Day 1

9:00-9:30 Registration

9:30-9:45 Introduction - Peter Rodgers

9:45-11:15 Session: Psychological and Cognitive Issues. Chair - Peter Cheng

  • Automatically Recognizing Intended Messages in Grouped Bar Charts - Richard Burns, Sandra Carberry, Stephanie Elzer and Daniel Chester Full Paper.  *** AWARDED BEST STUDENT PAPER ***
  • Representing Category and Continuum: Visualizing Thought - Barbara Tversky, James E. Corter, Lixiu Yu, David L. Mason and Jeffrey V. Nickerson Full Paper.  *** AWARDED BEST PAPER ***
  • Elucidating the Mechanisms of Spontaneous Diagram Use in Explanations: How Cognitive Processing of Text and Diagrammatic Representations are Influenced by Individual and Task-Related Factors - Emmanuel Manalo and Yuri Uesaka Full Paper

11:15-11:45 Morning Break

11:45-13:00 Keynote

  • Transport schematics: usability, aesthetics, and evaluation - Maxwell Roberts, University of Essex

13:00-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:45 Session: Diagram Layout. Chair - Helen Purchase

  • Orthogonal Hyperedge Routing - Michael Wybrow, Kim Marriott and Peter J. Stuckey Full Paper
  • Improved Layout for Data Flow Diagrams with Port Constraints - Lars Kristian Klauske, Christoph Daniel Schulze, Miro Spönemann and Reinhard Von Hanxleden Full Paper
  • Aesthetic Layout of Wiring Diagrams - Christian Ernstbrunner and Josef Pichler Full Paper

15:45-16:15 Afternoon Break

16:15-17:30 Session: Diagrams and Data Analysis. Chair - Kim Marriot

  • Points, Lines and Arrows in Statistical Graphs - Cengiz Acartürk Short Paper
  • Enriching Indented Pixel Tree Plots With Node-Oriented Quantitative, Categorical, Relational, and Time-Series Data - Michael Burch, Michael Raschke, Miriam Greis and Daniel Weiskopf Full Paper
  • Interpreting Effect Size Estimates Through Graphic Analysis of Raw Data Distributions - Michael T. Bradley, Andrew Brand and A. Luke Macneill Short Paper
  • Psychological Evidence of Mental Segmentation in Table Reading - Takeshi Sugio, Atsushi Shimojima and Yasuhiro Katagiri Short Paper


  • Drinks, Food and Exhibition Opening - Underground Maps Unravelled


WEDNESDAY 4 JULY 2012 Diagrams Day 2

9:00-10:00 Session: Venn and Euler Diagrams. Chair - John Howse

  • Proof-Theoretical Investigation of Venn Diagrams: a Logic Translation and Free Rides - Ryo Takemura Full Paper
  • Euler Diagram Encodings - Paolo Bottoni, Gennaro Costagliolia and Andrew Fish Full Paper

10:00-11:00 Poster Session and Refreshments

  • What Can Concept Diagrams Say? - Gem Stapleton, John Howse Peter Chapman, Ian Oliver and Aidan Delaney Poster
  • CDEG: Computerized Diagrammatic Euclidean Geometry 2.0 - Nathaniel Miller Poster
  • Design and Implementation of Multi-camera Systems Distributed over a Spherical Geometry - Hossein Afshari, Kerem Seyid, Alexandre Schmid, and Yusuf Leblebici Poster
  • Algebraic Aspects of Duality Diagrams - Lorenz Demey Poster
  • The Use of Diagrams in Science. An Examination of Trends in Articles Published in Science between 1880 and 2010 - Lillian P. Fanjoy, A. Luke MacNeill, and Lisa A. Best Poster
  • A User Study on Curved Edges in Graph Visualisation - Kai Xu, Chris Rooney, Peter Passmore, and Dong-Han Ham
  • Truth Diagrams: An Overview - Peter C-H. Cheng Poster
  • Are Teachers Aware of Students’ Lack of Spontaneity in Diagram Use? Suggestions from a Mathematical Model-based Analysis of Teachers’ Predictions - Yuri Uesaka, Emmanuel Manalo, and Masanori Nakagawa Poster
  • Modelling Delivery Information Flow: A Comparative Analysis of DSMs, DFDs and ICDs - Christopher Durugbo, Ashutosh Tiwari and Jeffrey R. Alcock Poster
  • Completeness Proofs for Diagrammatic Logics - Jim Burton, Gem Stapleton and John Howse Poster
  • Tiwari Modelling Information Flow: Improving Diagrammatic Visualisations - Christopher Durugbo Poster
  • A Graph Calculus for Proving Intuitionistic Relation Algebraic Equations - Renata de Freitas and Petrucio Viana Poster
  • Genetic Algorithm for Line Labeling of Diagrams having Drawing Cues - Alexandra Bonnici and Kenneth Camilleri Poster
  • A Logical Investigation on Global Reading of Diagrams - Ryo Takemura, Atsushi Shimojima, and Yasuhiro Katagiri Poster
  • Distinguishing Pictorial from Symbolized Information - Peter W. Coppin Poster
  • How do Viewers Spontaneously Segment Animated Diagrams of Mechanical and Biological Subject Matter? - Jean-Michel Boucheix and Richard Lowe Poster
  • Which Diagrams and When? Health Workers’ Choice and Usage of Different Diagram Types for Service Improvement - Gyuchan Thomas Jun, Cecily Morrison, Christopher O'Loughlin and P. John Clarkson Poster
  • Eye Movement Patterns in Solving Scientific Graph Problems - Miao-Hsuan Yen, Chieh-Ning Lee, and Yu-Chun Yang Poster
  • Formalising Simple Codecharts - Jon Nicholson and Aidan Delaney Poster
  • Notes About the London Underground Map as an Iconic Artifact - Breno Bitarello, Pedro Atã and João Queiroz Poster
  • The Efficacy of Diagrams in Syllogistic Reasoning: A Case of Linear Diagrams - Yuri Sato and Koji Mineshima Poster

11:00-13:00 Tutorial

  • Learning to use the Openbox: A Framework for the Implementation of Heterogeneous Reasoning - Dave Barker-Plummer, John Etchemendy, Michael Murray, Emma Pease, Nik Swoboda

13:00-14:30 Lunch and Steering Committee meeting

14:30-15:45 Session: Reasoning with Diagrams. Chair - Philip Cox

  • Speedith: a Diagrammatic Reasoner for Spider Diagrams - Matej Urbas, Mateja Jamnik, Gem Stapleton and Jean Flower Full Paper
  • Algebra Diagrams: A HANDi Introduction - Peter Cheng Full Paper
  • Boolean Differences Between Two Hexagonal Extensions of the logical Square of Oppositions - Hans Smessaert Short Paper

15:45-16:15 Afternoon Break

16:15-17:30 Session: Investigating Aesthetics. Chair - Beryl Plimmer

  • An Exploration of Visual Complexity - Helen Purchase, Euan Freeman and John Hamer Full Paper
  • Diagram Ecologies - Diagrams as Science and Game Board - Christoph Lueder Full Paper
  • Dynamic Diagrams: A Composition Alternative - Richard Lowe and Jean-Michel Boucheix Short Paper


  • Tour of Canterbury Cathedral and Conference Meal


THURSDAY 5 JULY 2012 Diagrams Day 3

9:00-10:15 Keynote

  • Life on the Line: Interacting with Temporal Event Sequence Representations - Catherine Plaisant, Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of Maryland

10:15-10:45 Morning Break

10:45-12:30 Session: Applications of Diagrams. Chair - Nik Swoboda

  • Diagrammatically-Driven Formal Verification of Web Services Composition - Petros Papapanagiotou, Jacques Fleuriot and Sean Wilson Full Paper
  • The Diagram of Flow: Its Departure from Software Engineering and its Return - S.J. Morris and O.C.Z. Gotel Full Paper
  • DDA\Repository: An Associative, Dynamic and Incremental Repository of Design Diagrams - Bharat Dave and Jahn Gwyllim Short Paper
  • Structure, Space and Time: Some Ways That Diagrams Affect Inferences in a Planning Task - David Mason, James Corter, Barbara Tversky and Jeffrey Nickerson Full Paper

12:30-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:45 Discussion and Closing Statements

13:00-17:30 Graduate Symposium Program



09:00-17:30 Accessible Graphics: Diagrams for Vision Impaired People Workshop