Keynote Speakers

We will share two keynotes with VL/HCC 2014:

Professor Peter Eades, University of Sydney

Peter is a leading researcher in the area of diagram layout and aesthetics. Peter has invented many novel and well-used algorithms for complex diagramatic representation, particularly graph drawing. Peter has studied many aspects of graph layout from both mathematical underpinnings to layout and appearance aesthetics to diverse applications of graph drawing. Peter also has interests in various human-centric approaches to interaction with complex computing systems, including ambient and large screen displays.


Professor Kim Marriot, Monash University

Kim is a leading researcher in the areas of constraint logic programming, diagram and document layout and interaction. Kim has been interested in the application of CLP and other optmisation techniques to visual languages and diagramatic representations for many years. His team have realised these in a number of innovative techniques and tools. Kim also has interests in accessibiity, haptic interfaces, and other human-centric approaches to interaction with computing systems.