Diagrams in Mathematics

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On “overspecification” in medieval mathematical diagrams Gregg De Young
Transductive Reconstruction of Hippocrates’ Dynamical Geometrical Diagrams Sandra Visokolskis, Evelyn Vargas and Gonzalo Carrión
Counting mathematical diagrams with machine learning Henrik Kragh Sørensen and Mikkel Willum Johansen
Modes of continuity in diagram for Intermediate Value Theorem Piotr BÅ‚aszczyk and Marlena Fila
Modes of diagrammatic reasoning in Euclid’s Elements Piotr BÅ‚aszczyk and Anna Petiurenko
A Mentalist Look at Gaussian Clock Arithmetic Dany Jaspers


A Diagram of Choice: The Curious Case of Wallis’s Attempted Proof of the Parallel Postulate and the Axiom of Choice


Valérie Lynn Therrien