Empirical Studies and Cognition

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Event unit analysis: A methodology for anticipating processing demands of complex animated diagrams Richard Lowe and Jean-Michel Boucheix
Evaluating Visualizations of Sets and Networks that Use Euler Diagrams and Graphs Almas Baimagambetov, Gem Stapleton, Andrew Blake and John Howse
Visual causality: investigating the performance of graph layouts for understanding causal processes Dong-Bach Vo, Helen Purchase, Kristina Lazarova and Mark McCann
Influence of Shape, Density, and Edge Crossings on the Perception of Graph Differences Guenter Wallner, Margit Pohl, Cynthia Graniczkowska, Kathrin Ballweg and Tatiana Von Landesberger
Map or Gantt? Which diagram helps viewers best in spatio-temporal data exploration tasks? Leonie M. Bosveld-De Smet and Daniël Houben
On effects of changing multi-attribute table design to decision making: An eye tracking study Takashi Ideno, Masahiro Morii, Kazuhisa Takemura and Mitsuhiro Okada